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22 June 2005 @ 05:12 pm
Blogging for the sake of blogging  
Well right now I'm just laying at my bed, without nothing to do except this! Since it's been a while since I update and there's really nothing to do for me, I started reading my entry here ( you can really tell I'm bored huh?). Goodness I sound (or read) like a drama queen, spoiled, and a bum in that order. Well, I agree being spoiled and a bum but a drama queen? Errr No! I feel like taking out some of what I post here because it's embarrassing, but then I wanted to keep it as a memory so I can see If I improve somehow. I never told anyone I know about this journal because 1) I'l get tease about it by my friends and cousins (ha ha) 2) I'll be too embarrass ha ha. So this is like my secret journal, like a diary I suppose. I look at every mood in my post and it's says exhausted, bored, drained, sleepy, calm? lol (you can really know a person by that). err I really don't know what I'm writing, I guess I'm really blogging for the sake of blogging.

Oh we just moved (again). It takes me weeks before I organized my room. A friend that went on a vacation in our country was telling that so many guys courted her there. And my mom was saying she should go there too, so she'll get courted too! I don't know what's the fascination of people there that been of the U.S. They treat you like a star (well, for the first few days at least). And people think just because you been in the U.S. you know every english! Even americans still ask questions about words! Last night my uncle and my cousins were here. I didn't know they can sing! shock! I wonder why it didn't rub on me? It was really funny last night when one of my cousin was mimicking voice and acting like a girl (ha ha). Right now I'm trying to lose weight. I already lose 10 pounds and I wanted to lose 10 or 5 more so I will be in my ideal weight. I wanted to grew taller too (I'm 5'5). But since I'm passed 18, could be possible? Some say it's possible so I'm doing stretching. Right now I want to gain an abs too. I have now new respect for woman that has them! Its so hard doing crunches and sit-ups and doing sits-up is really hurting my back.

I finish watching Full House a korean drama that my aunt sent me. It was really funny. I don't find Bi (rain) good looking but Im really liking his eyes (so cute!). I think the secondary character are more charming than him tho. I'm now reading Julie Garwood romance novel, specially her historical one. Also I just watch the show "into the west" on tnt. I didn't really find it interesting except for the part where this indian chief kidnapped Keri Russel and marries her against her will. Right now Im enjoying doing nothing because I know I will be busy this July and then this August I will be going to college.
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: Passenger Seat 2.0