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15 September 2004 @ 11:47 pm
Yay! I Finally have a job as a cashier ! First day it was so confusing and I was so slow. Heck, some of the costumer were getting angry and I'm the only register that was open at that time, but after third day I finally learn all that is to learn. Still its really tiring even tho I only work part time.
Just attended my friend birthday yesterday. I was out till 12. I don't usually attend parties because I'd rather stay home and lay down , but she told me she'll beat the flat out of me if I won't attend her party -_-; And Im glad I did, good food, good music. Every time my friends and I celebrate, there always has to be a karaoke (singing). It sucks because most of them could sing really well and then they tease me to sing because all of them did it. Good thing the celebrant can't sing well either, we just do a duet. We have this mic that when you sing a song it will score how well you sing. I think I got 75, I forgot what it says. It usually says better luck next time, next to your score or try again if you sing it badly. I went home at 12 and got tease that if i don't go home at 12 I'll turn into a pumpkin. But really every time there's a party I'm always the one to go home first.
About work I have three days off. I feel like giving it up, but a friend of mine who's working there said I shouldn't because when the pay check comes it will be worth it. I hope she's right. There goes my rambling for tonight. Night everyone!
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: It's gonna be love