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07 September 2004 @ 01:42 am
Anyone read the new chapter of Koi Ga by Motoni Modoru scanlate by Nakama? Doesn't the black hair main character reminds you of Hiro of Rika the Breeder? Well I do! If you're a big fan of Rika the Breeder and want to see some action between the two main character? Chances are they would never do it! So just read Koi Ga to satisfy your lust between the two since the two main character look a lot like the two main character in Rika. For real, I hate Motoni Modoru for getting me hooked on her manga and making me wait. Then again it must be hard for her to draw a continuation of Rika, I heard she got depressed drawing Rika thats why it's on hiatus now. What I need is to read a fic of Rika the Breeder. I would've done a fic of Rika if I just didn't suck describing things or action. I can only write the speech. I hope I can find an english site that discuss this manga. I only found a chinese site that talks about this manga. I Hope aestheticism translate the whole volume on Tetsu x Rika .I want the conclusion of Rika!!
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31 August 2004 @ 12:09 am
Oh yes!! Finder Hyouteki is indeed licensed. Both finder no hyouteki and finder no ori will be out in 2005. So peeps be sure to get it when its out! Its amazing that they pick this manga rather than more subtle one. I mean the first chapter of this manga has S&M tho it was draw beautifully. Oh yes I find a new obsession and it Sakende the first volume was done by Sakura-Crisis and after that Neoterica continued with it. At first I didn't find this manga interesting because I'm more into a story that also show the 2 main character doing it. Although Sakende has that too, it's just not too graphic.
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30 August 2004 @ 03:29 am
ooo I just got a call for a job interview!! I hope I do well since it will be my first job. Oh yes I read a new chapter of UGH by Sadahiro Mika!! I think one more chapter and it will be finish. Hope Sadahiro do more UGH, I want to see more of swordfish (drool). I just learn (might be false news) that Finder no Hyouteki (Viewfinder) by Ayano Yamane is getting licensed in 2005 and Nakama is dropping the project already. It's a good thing yaoi is being known now in the U.S, it's just that it takes those publisher to release it. Pre order Passion it will be out in September used to be August, I don't know why it pushed to September. The uke in Passion is so cute, I like how the mangaka drew the hair. Passion only had two volume tho. Well, there goes my ranting for today.
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28 August 2004 @ 02:29 am
Real world sucks!! I just graduated and now I don't know what to do next. It sucks to be an adult! Before, I keep saying to my mom that when I turn eighteen I'll be moving on my own. I always want to be independent, but I never once manage to do it. Now Im eighteen still lives with my mom, had no job, and don't go to college. Right now I decided to take a year off before going to college since I still don't know what to take. Next year I still don't know if I'll be going back to my country to study there or move to Las Vegas to stay with my moms friend and study there. Tho it will be cheaper to go back to my country and study there since tuition there is a lot cheaper than in U.S. Now Im looking for a job so I won't defend on my moms money and I can also buy the things I wanted.

Last time when I went back to my country for a vacation I feel like everybody change. Well, it's been four years since I last visited there. My cousins are all grown up and my friends are all in college and some of them had jobs too. I feel left out, Arghh I feel like I didn't change at all! I feel like everybody's growing up but me. My friends are all in their third year in college and Im not even in college! In my country we don't have 7th and 8th grade there, so when I came to the U.S the school had me pulled back. I really should find a job to keep me entertain and also to have money. I'm just so damn lazy and I always think the worse.

I don't know when I started being too shy and scared of people. I was never like this back on my country and even when we just move in U.S. In my country everybody knows who I am at school also in my first school here in U.S. Maybe because my mom and I moved to much that I never had the chance to have a friend permanently. In my 9th grade I moved to 2 different school. On my third grade I moved to a different school again, in 11th I did self study. And on my senior year I move to different country in U.S. I want my confidence back!

Sorry for listening (reading) to my blog just want that get off on my chest.
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28 June 2004 @ 03:58 am
Its 3:43 AM and for some reason I can't seem to get a sleep till 7:00 AM. Its been a month since I started this journal and also a month since I write on it. My vacation went well, the only thing that sucks is its so hot there and I don't have much pocket money (I really should find a job!) Oh yes! I had new obsession and its Naruto! Right now Im downloading the scanlation of the manga. I heard that anime/manga long time ago, it was being compared to Hunter X Hunter (which I still like). I didn't bother back then but now I wish I had. I'll probably join a community about this manga.
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22 May 2004 @ 11:35 pm
Damn! Im so happy Nakama start scanlating UGH again, this time volume 2. I love this manga specially Sword (soo hot! with that jeans) can't wait to see the rest. Hope they start scanlating Haru again, but then they aren't finish with Boku no Koe. If I had to choose I like Boku no Koe better, the characters are more interesting. And yes! Im glad too that they're finishing what Shi-ran left off. At first Im kind of having bad thought about it, since Nakama had so many project to work on. Lucky us they seem to be releasing Finder no Ori quickly!

Well there goes my ranting for today. Nite Y'all
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21 May 2004 @ 02:51 pm
Ordered Shiiku Gakari Rika Tetsu x Rika and finally after a month I receive it. I became obsess with this manga after EOP scanlate it, for some reason they stop scanlating it. And then theres aestheticism, lucky enough they have translation for it. One have to be a member in order to access it. Too bad Motoni Modoru won't be continuing this series for awhile. So this is how I see the manga end, Rika hang himself or Hiro hang himself or perhaps Hiro became salon president (I wouldn't bet with that one!) Well, Im still hoping that Hiro can still save Rika, but then its Motonis manga where anything can happen. Let just all hope this manga will finish soon.
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20 May 2004 @ 12:41 am
Finally just 4 more days and I'll be on my vacation. I just learn that you have to have photoshop in order to make icons (at least thats what I read) which suck coz I don't have one. perhaps, I'll just have to ask my cousin to make me one. Well can't think of anything to blog, nothing really happens today. nite.
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18 May 2004 @ 02:57 pm
Umm.. new here and im still figuring out how this thing work. Perhaps I'll be able to finish designing this blog next month. Yup im going back to my country for vacation (finally!) Sigh.. I want to design this blog put icons and stuff @_@; if only I know how, it will be easy (still reading the faq) Nah I'll figure it out when I came back for vacation.
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