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18 June 2005 @ 12:17 am
The Only Thing Man Can Give   
God: "I want you to give Me something that is very precious to you."

Man: "God, all I want is to love and serve You. What would I not give You? Is it my wealth that You want? Alright, Lord, I...I will give it to You."

God: "Can you give me something more precious than that?"

Man: "Um, my time, Lord. Uh, I will surrender to You my time. I will serve You more in the Church."

God: "Surely you still have something more important to give than that?"

Man: "Perhaps, Lord, um, I can give You my family as well, my...my wife, my...children."

God: "I want something more than all these. I want something other than your time, treasure and talents."

Man: "You mean, my life, Lord? Okay, I'll give You my everything. I give You my life."

God: "My child, everything you're giving Me I have first given to you. All the gifts you have are Mine in the first place, for everything that is good can only come from Me. I want you to give me something that is yours alone."

Man: (Pauses for a moment.) "Lord, I've given You everything. What more can I possibly give You?"

God: "Your sins. Your sins did not come from me. Your sins are yours alone. Will you surrender your sins to Me?"

I dunno... This reminds me of "Footprints in the Sand" that I used to memorize. I'm looking for it now so I can post it in here (no luck for now).
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