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25 January 2005 @ 09:53 am
Update at last!!  
Does anyone bought those Bl (yaoi) manga that has been release here in U.S.? Well I did! I bought Only the ring finger knows, Passion V1, Desire from D.M.P, and Golden Cain from Bebeautiful. I mostly order them from Amazon because going to the mall and finding it is tough. Most of them were out of stock or available in other mall. I suggest to order it via Amazon, they have the fastest delivery.

There's a lot of people complaining about Golden Cain. How the art has flaw in it and the translation of the manga. Well, since I'm not Japanese I wouldn't know if there's something wrong about it, and I don't really care as long as I understand the story. As for the art I really like it because they didn't cover the graphic scene. One can really see the lower body of the two main character while they're doing it. Bebeautiful is also doing Yamane Ayano Viewfinder. I'm hoping they wouldn't cover the sex scene also. Bebeautiful seems to be releasing know title like Kizuna and Viewfinder. I'm not sure if its a good thing or bad thing. Good thing because finally this manga are being published in U.S . Bad thing because I'm not sure if its a good idea to release known title such as viewfinder and kizuna. I mean most people might already have this two manga or read this manga already and not want to buy it, Oh well let's wait and see :) ...

On the other side Digital manga seems to be releasing BL manga that has more story in it and doesn't have much graphic (or its cover pretty good). Tho I notice that most story include high school life (couldn't find fault for that love boys school story! :P) I'm not too fond of Desire, but it has the most realistic story in it (maybe that's why I find it boring? ). I love reading Passion and Only the ring finger knows, I couldn't put this books down. If I put Passion down, I'll pick up Only the ringer finger knows, and if I put it down, I'll pick the other one up! I love the uke in passion he's look so kissable (in a cute way, my opinion). The uke in OTRFK is also adorable. I like how he fights and argue with his seme. Those two character always clash when they meet :) (As you can see I love my uke stubborn!). The this about Digital manga is their book are big so one can really appreciate the art inside. Plus they design the cover on the manga the same as the japanese cover.

You see when I read a yaoi manga I choose which character i like or want to be in his place or side. Like in viewfinder I'm a Takaba, In Kizuna I like Kai the uke, In OTRFK I'm Wataru the uke, In Passion I like the seme rather than the uke. And if tend to choose which one of the characters I like in BL manga that means I really like the manga. ~_~

Small update about me. I quit my job went for vacation for a month. Spent half the money I saved. Planning on trying college this summer (lets see how this go).
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