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30 October 2004 @ 01:37 am
Wow! Its been awhile since I wrote in this journal. Work really got me busy, I can't even clean my own room -_- ; I work for six days straight, its tiring but I get to have big pay check. Still I want to quit the job and find a new one. I hate having to smile all the time and say thank you and please to those rude customer when all I want to do is beat them on the head. I probably just study for now in this semester and apply on airlines on summer. Since my mom knows the manager there, she can probably hook me up.

Since I was busy, I hardly had the time to download those scan. I've missed a lot of release specially my yaoi. Right now I'm starting to like korean manhwa than japanese manga. I mean most of the girls in korean manhwa are not weak. Also they don't cry easily and not in need of bishies. One of my obsession right now is Kiss me Princess. Trapnest are doing the scanlation for it. Kiss me Princess is a shounen ai manga about a cute prince disguise himself a princess to cover up for her sister who supposedly has to marry this other prince but runaway. It's a cute story. The uke reminded me of the uke in no money. I think this manhwa is up to six volumes. I hope Trapnest do more of this. Plus you guys should visit their site, they have other great project to offer, one of them is You're so cool (recommended).

Thats all for now, had work early in the morning and too sleepy to type.
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: Hear You Me